Code Geass: Oz the Reflection - Photo Story Translation


2017 a.t.b.
 The large-scale revolt against the Holy Britannian Empire caused by the masked man Zero, known as the "Black Rebellion", ends in failure. However, the influence of the Black Rebellion, as signs of opposition against the increasingly powerful superpower, was strong. In addition to the major powers opposing Britannia like the Chinese Federation and E.U., acts of anti-Britannia terrorism began to occur with greater frequency in the countries under Britannia’s rule and a new period of resistance arose.

On the one hand, the Britannian homeland begins to nip the buds of resistance with its overwhelming military strength. Within that military strength, there is an anti-terrorist unit formed by Princess Maribelle mel Britannia, the "Glinda Knights". Deploying ace pilots and a great number of experimental Knightmare Frames on the Caerleon-class floating airship "Granberry", the Glinda Knights are given the search-and-destroy mission of suppressing the terrorism that occurs in all parts of the world.

On the other hand, the terrorist-deployment organization “Peace Mark”, which possesses a worldwide network, is connected to terrorists in every country and terrorist-supporting organizations like Kyoto, inducing them to cause terrorism everywhere.

In the midst of such a chaotic situation, a boy and girl with the same face and the same name "Oz" encounter each other by chance in a small country in the Middle East...