Code Geass: Oz the Reflection - Photo Story Translation

Chapter 3: "Byakuen VS Guren"

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Chinese Federation, Hong Kong—Occupying the east of the Pearl River Delta which lies at the mouth of the Pearl River of China, this city has developed as an important point of traffic in the Far East since ancient times. The numerous high-rise buildings there, which stand close together on land that has never said to have been spacious, are the Far East base of financial circulation. It could be said that, after Japan became the Britannia territory of Area 11, this city’s importance increased in turn.

Britannia had borrowed a piece of land in Hong Kong facing the sea from the Chinese Federation as leased land, and created a harbor facility there known as the Far East Exchange Center. On the standpoint of the mutual non-aggression treaty both countries had entered, it officially took the outward appearance of a private economic organization branch office, but it is an open secret that this was merely an alias for the Britannian army’s front-line base. Ninety percent of the workers at the Far East Exchange Center, where the sovereignty of the Chinese Federation doesn’t apply, are Britannian soldiers, and it was obvious to anyone’s eyes that the ships registered as transport ships and moored at an exclusive harbor are full-fledged battleships of the Britannian Navy.

On a hill overlooking the base below, the mercenary group Peace Mark’s Oz—Orpheus lay hidden. The mission this time was to attack this base, and retrieve or if necessary destroy a new model Knightmare captured by Britannia.

“As usual, you’ve brought us a terrible offer, ojou-san*.”


At Ganabati’s words, Miss X’s expression twisted ever so slightly. She knew quite well that he had purposely referred to her in that way that she hated. She had no intention of rising to his provocation.

“Isn’t it because it’s a terrible offer that it’s being entrusted to us? Isn’t that right, the onii-san* over there?”

Ze spoke. The mission this time was unusual, as the client himself was present as well. The fact that Miss X herself had come to the mission site as head of communications for the mission was not only exceptional but downright impossible; however, for even the client, whose identity was normally concealed, to be present was the exceptions among exceptions. This was because the client wished to explain the contents of the mission directly to Orpheus and the others. At the same time, he also talked about the urgency of this mission.

“Please forgive for not giving my name.”

The young man, a leader of an anti-government group in the Chinese Federation, apologized. At first glance, he seemed Caucasian, but looking closely he appeared to have Asian ancestry mixed in. His peculiarly bright red hair was tied up with a bandana and he had a rough appearance, but his well-bred background couldn’t be hidden from the way he carried himself.

“It happed 48 hours ago. A Knightmare that should have been delivered to us from India was stolen by the Britannian army.”

According to the young man’s explanation, the Knightmare that had been stolen was called the “Guren Mk-I”, which his group had purchased from an arms dealer. Its successor unit, the Mk-II, was known to have been used by the local resistance group in Area 11, the Black Knights, and to have given great gains and results in battle. This series excelled in mobility and could also fight equally with the Britannian army’s Z-01 Lancelot. That was the kind of Knightmare that had fallen into the hands of the Britannian army.

“That’s really bad. Isn’t that a machine that Britannia would desperately want for themselves?” 


At Ganabati’s question, the young man nodded. Apparently, Britannia’s technological development agency, Camelot, had already dispatched a force to Hong Kong in order to transfer the Knightmare to the homeland. Before that force arrived, they had to take back the Guren Mk-I.

“—Or if that’s not possible, destroy it…huh.”

Orpheus spoke.

“At Camelot, they are ready and waiting for the arrival of the Guren Mk-I. The man in charge there, Lloyd, is quite good. If it falls into his hands, the advantages possesses by the Guren Series will be quickly lost. If that happens, then in Japan—”

At that point, the young man held his tongue. There seemed to be circumstances that prevented him from saying anything further on that. Miss X then asked Orpheus and the others a question. 

“The Britannian Hong Kong Base has been entrusted to the Fifth Princess Carine. What do you know about her?”

“I’ve heard that she’s a completely selfish and arrogant girl.” 

“That’s a spot-on assessment. I think that Carine will try to get as much analysis data on the Guren Mk-I herself before the arrival of Camelot’s transport force. She’ll try to stand in predominance as much as she can among her siblings who possess the right to the throne.”

“I see. This really is a bad situation.”

“I beg you. Please take back the Guren Mk-I. And if that can’t be done, please destroy it. As you see fit.”

The young requesting the mission said this and bowed his head. That action was very similar to the Japanese gesture known as bowing.

While checking the reconnaissance data on the Britannian base, Orpheus opened a comm. line to Ze who was standing-by for assistance. 

“Ze, can you hear me?”

“Yes, yes, loud and clear!”

“The guys at the Britannian base don’t seem to have any intention to bring the target outside until the transport force arrives.”

“Really? That’s not good.”

“I’ll have to march in from here and drag it out.”

“If you do that, won’t recapturing it be difficult?”

“That’s true. We’ll have to destroy it, then.”

On the other side of the radio, Ze’s voice indicated that he was smiling slightly.

“As I thought…That’s Oz’s preferred method, after all.”


Orpheus launched in the Byakuen.

“Listen well, Dasko! The followers of that hateful Lloyd will be here soon. Before we hand it over to them, make sure to examine every nook and cranny of that Knightmare’s abilities. Understood!?” 

“Yes, Your Highness.”

To the girl’s words that resounded from the intercom, Dasko responded with a voice that had none of his feelings in it. Of course, as a loyal knight, Dasko wouldn’t raise an objection towards the orders of the Fifth Princess of the Britannian royal family, Carine ne Britannia, even if it was unreasonable. On the contrary, today he was even listening with joy to the unreasonable demands dispatched by this selfish princess. As a member of the knights who piloted Knightmares even a little, how he could not be thrilled at being blessed with the chance to pilot an unknown Knightmare—and what’s more, one of the infamous Guren Series.

“Dasko la Clermont, launching in the Guren Mk-I.”

Through the Factspheres, environmental information on the vast indoor practice grounds flowed in. In this town area constructed for mock battles, a group of Glasgows linked to a weapons-performance-assessment system had deployed and were attacking the Guren Mk-I using various tactics. As he opposed them, Dasko displayed the abilities of the Guren Mk-I to its limits and recorded the data on it. The permitted time for this was about several hours, until the transport force from Camelot arrived. But even with only that much time, it should be possible for his lady Carine to lead predominantly in the expected dispute over the rights to the imperial successions in the future, which was also tied to Dasko’s own success in life, by collecting sufficient data.

Dasko advanced towards the mock-town area in the Guren Mk-I. His weapons consisted of a single EM Lance—an electromagnetic lance. In order to know this frame’s true ability, they didn’t go as far as to equip it with any firearms. It was difficult to control the damage given to Glasgows piloted by friendly forces when using a rifle or heavy artillery. On that point, it was possible for him to disable the other Knightmares without harming the pilots when using the EM Lance that he was accustomed to. Dasko was a man of the lance. His ability with it was great enough that he had competed once or twice among the Britannian knights.

At the same time as he entered the town, three Glasgows hiding behind the shadows of buildings shot at him. The bullets that came flying at him were practice-use polymer bullets, which he dodged with some simple footwork. Mentally, Dask clicked his tongue and tut-tutted at them. The Glasgows’ shooting was accurate, but there was no element of surprise. The Guren Mk-I kicked off a wall and jump through midair in a drawling-like low trajectory. He lunged with the excited state-activated EM Lance, and sent a thrust through the Glasgow on the right. Then, he rotated his left arm at a 90 degrees rotation along his torso as an axis. Charging at the center Glasgow from the side, this time he chose to twist his arm hard back around and collided it with the arm of the Glasgow, thereby plucking off its wrist along with its rifle. The Glasgow’s finger was warped by the impact and was stuck in a state where it was pulling the trigger. He pointed the gun muzzle at the Glasgow on the left. The 32.5mm practice bullets hit the Glasgow’s Factsphere and downed the delicate sensor mechanism. The Guren Mk-I had done this series of movements in a flowing-like and unfaltering fashion. What mobility. What maneuvering ability.

(This Knightmare…I can use it!)

As Dasko snickered, a segment of the roof that covered the practice grounds suddenly rained down from overhead along with a thunderous roar. At the same time, a white silhouette landed before him. It was a Knightmare. But, it wasn’t a model that Dask had ever seen before. Perhaps rom the Chinese Federation or E.U.—no, this was different than their models. The Knightmare raised its right arm and pointed it at him. The next instant, there was a flash as a shot was fired from its right arm.

For an instant, Orpheus couldn’t believe his eyes. The first shot had been fired from only 30 meters away from the target. It was literally a certain one-shot kill. But the Guren Mk-1 had narrowly avoided it.

Fast. Even among the Knightmares he had fought against up until now, its maneuverability was top-class. So this was the machine whose performance Britannia felt that they just had to investigate.

(Is it the machine’s ability? Or is it the pilot’s skill?)

Orpheus quickly loaded a second bullet. The shell was the same APDS-type as the first. But, just as he fired, the enemy jumped to the right with an amazingly quick movement. The shell pierce through a wall of lifeless reinforced concrete in the back and knocked down an empty building. Orpheus thought to himself, “This will be a troublesome battle.”

“Princess, please run away!”

Dasko shouted. But, Carine, who was encamped at the platform from where the town area could be looked at from above, showed no signs of moving.

“I refuse! If you are a proud knight of the Fifth Princess Carine ne Britannia, show it and splendidly cut off this ruffian’s head. I won’t accept it if you make your mistress lose face.”

She declared it haughtily. It seemed that, in her mind, the victory of her retainer was an established fact. But, it could be said that those words were the best encouragement for Dasko.

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Dasko raised his voice in sincere delight. This was a true battle. The ideal chance to collect the utmost data that couldn’t be obtained in practice.

While using the group of buildings within the practice-use town as a shield, the Guren Mk-I skillfully shortened the distance between itself and the Byakuen. Obviously, it did this in order to utilize its close-combat weapon, the EM Lance. This point could be said to be more advantageous for the Byakuen, which was equipped with long-range artillery. However—.

(That’s the enemy’s aim.)

Even if he rushed victory and relied just on artillery, based on the maneuvering ability of the Guren Mk-I that he’d seen, it was clear that he couldn’t hit it so easily. In this situation where the time and place were on the side of the Guren Mk-I, there was little merit in sticking to long-range bombardment.

“In that case!”

He would take the opponent’s invitation. Orpheus stored the cannon back in the Integrative Armaments and replaced it by unfolding his blade and firing his Slash Harken, thereby instantly shortening the distance between himself and the enemy.

(So stubborn!)

As he watched the Byakuen switch its weapons, Dasko growled. He didn’t know who the pilot was, but his resolution to give up the use of firearms deserved praise. This enemy truly was a worthy opponent. 

The EM Lance and blade hit each other with a loud clang and scattered bright sparks in the air. They then changed from a moment of silence to movement. The Guren Mk-I sunk its back and forcibly pushed the tip of the lance forward. It seemed like a careless movement, but it was an invitation. But the Byakuen’s movements betrayed Dasko’s predictions. It moved forward while sliding its blade along the surface of the lance. Without minding the sword was being melted by the electromagnetic emissions of the lance, it shortened the distance between itself and the Guren Mk-I. The meaning of that movement was—.


Dasko threw his lance forward. The Byakuen’s aim was a point-blank gunshot!


Orpheus unfolded his gun barrel just as he purged the sword that was now useless, and pulled the trigger. At that instant, the EM Lance burst through the gun barrel from the front and crashed into the bullet that had begun to accelerate. Due to the explosion that then occurred inside the gun barrel, the EM Lance lost its tip and sustained heavy damage. On the other hand, the Byakuen had also lost its cannon and had sustained great damage on its right arm. However, it still had another weapon it could use—its drill. The drill unfolded from the damaged Integrative Armaments and the Byakuen activated its Landspinners. With the entire kinetic energy of the charging Byakuen in it, the drill pierced through the body of the Guren Mk-I. Orpheus was aiming for the Energy Filler. If the energy of the Sakuradite that was stored within was all suddenly released, the Guren Mk-I would be completely destroyed.

“Eat this—my fang!”

Orpheus roared that out.

“I won’t let you!”

Dasko caught the Byakuen with the Guren Mk-I’s arms and locked their joints. If he was going to die, the enemy would be coming with him.

Just as the drill pierced through the armor of the Guren Mk-I, Orpheus realized Dasko’s intention. The Byakuen had been restrained by the Guren Mk-I, and their mechanical bodies were glued together. If the Guren Mk-I blew up while like this—.



Dasko became shocked. Behind the Guren Mk-I, Carine came into view standing on the platform. If the Guren blew up, she wouldn’t be safe either. There was no room for choice. Dasko pulled the cockpit’s emergency ejection lever. The cockpit ejected as if it were being shot out. It landed on the platform like that, and then Dasko picked up Carine and rolled into a covered trench.

As the Guren Mk-I lost control, its arms also lost their gripping strength.


Orpheus purged the Byakuen’s right arm while the drill was still deployed. He then reversed his Landspinners and retreated at full power. At the same time, an explosion occurred in the Guren Mk-I’s Energy Filler. Following the pale flash that was characteristic of a Sakuradite explosion, a shock wave spread out beyond the speed of sound, and the Guren Mk-I was changed into a red-hot fireball and consumed everything—.

(To be continued)