Code Geass: Oz the Reflection - Photo Story Translation

Orpheus Side Manga Extra 1

Note: This four page manga chapter was drawn by the author of the Oz manga, Toujou Chika, and came along with chapter 7 of the photo story. (It was also included at the end of the second Oz manga volume.) The events in this short piece occur right before the events of chapter 7, when Orpheus and the others first meet with Rakshata directly.

Also, please understand that my translation of manga text is slightly more rough than with normal text, though it's still pretty accurate. I also apologize for poor quality of the scanlated text, I unfortunately do not have Photoshop and so had to simply use Paint to do it. When a proper scanlation group decides to scanlate this piece, I will put it up instead. Please be patient until then.